We are leaders in the design and manufacturing of advanced flight simulators for professional pilots. Our simulators accurately replicate flight conditions, providing realistic and safe training.
Our equipment is qualified and certified by the National Directorate of Operational Safety, complying with the standards described in Argentina's Civil Aviation Regulations RAAC 60.
With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a wide range of flight simulators for various types of aircraft, including commercial and combat planes.
Our history
The company Hornero Simulators continues its development. Currently, they are working on another exciting project: the creation of a race car simulator in the style of Dallara, the prestigious Italian Formula 3 single-seater company.
With their focus on technology and a passion for innovation, this small Argentine company continues to demonstrate that there are no limits to what they can achieve.
They trust us
GEO Sim is an instrument flight instruction and training center that utilizes some of our flight simulators. With a specialized approach, it provides the necessary preparation to achieve excellence. Whether you're an aspiring pilot or a professional looking to enhance your skills, courses are offered that are specifically designed for you.
A training that will accompany you every step of your aviation career.

Experiences in GEO Sim


Transition to Jet, MCC. Aircraft type adaptation. Training for the use of flight management systems (FMS) MCDU, FCU, and FPV, in normal operations

BOEING 737-800 NG

Transition to Jet, MCC. Aircraft type adaptation. Training for the use of flight management systems (FMC) CDU, FCU, and FPV, in normal operations.

Cessna 172

Complete your first hours of basic instrumental flight. Training for private pilot students, private pilots, and commercial pilots.

Commercial pilot training, adaptation to turboprop, practices for airline entry, shared cockpit operations, and crew resource management (CRM) training.

SAAB 340
Air Tractor AT400/500/800 Series

Theoretical and practical training for transitioning from piston aircraft to turboprop, with a focus on PRATT & WHITNEY PT6 and similar powerplants. Normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures covered.

Helicopter Bölkow Bo 105

Advanced training that includes practice in critical operations, such as takeoffs and landings in adverse conditions, autorotation, instrument flight, and emergency procedures. These courses focus on refining flight skills, decision-making under pressure, Crew Resource Management (CRM), and becoming familiar with complex systems, preparing pilots for real and diverse situations in twin-turbine helicopters. Additionally, radio electronics training for all types of helicopters, instrument flight, and ILS approach in low visibility conditions.